As I look out the window of my bedroom at the bare trees and gray skies of a rainy December day, it's hard not to be nostaligc for the lively green and sunshine of Summer or the warm hues of Fall leaves.  Winter brings with it an appreciation for more subtle beauty - the graceful lines of branches or the curvature of an exposed landscape.  

Early darkness sets the stage for beautiful lights as well.  Christmas lights are, of course, a magical treat this time of year.  I decorated our tree (without Sierra and her talent for design to help me, alas) yesterday, and love the warmth and sparkle the red and white lights bring to the room!  As in the classic song, Silver Bells, even the car lights and stop lights are extra pretty in the dark of winter.  Focusing on the positive brings simple pleasures, I remind myself!

Sierra and I have some new items in the shop,and soon to come.  There are now 18"x30" tapestries I finished recently.  I'm really pleased with the results of working on a bigger "canvas"!  And Sierra has listed some archival fine prints of some of her original paintings, with more in development. I am constantly in awe of the progression of her work, and the beauty of her vision. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas!  We hope you'll enjoy checking these out.

Happy Holidays!