Explore Home Decor Styles to Uncover Your Own

No one wants to be labeled. But when it comes to manifesting your dream decor, it's important to know the established interior design styles that inspire you. Once you have your go-to looks, you can start learning how to blend decor styles and add your own spice to really make it yours!  


Desert Chic Table Runner for Southwestern Style

4 Steps to Knowing What You Love & Bringing It Home!

1. A picture's worth a thousand words. Some of our favorite ways to find inspiring images are checking out the home decor magazines at home improvement stores and googling home decor styles online. Thankfully we've already done the digging for you! Take the easy route and check out our Watercolor Muse pinterest page for curated boards on several decor styles as well as a board on finding your decor style. Be sure to write down the styles that make your heart beat faster! (You can also follow us on pinterest to stay updated on new pins to your favorite boards.)  

2. What is similar? When you have 2 or 3 decor styles in mind, look for similarities between them that are catching your eye. For example, Bohemian and Cottage decor both feature rustic elements like natural wood, stone, and organic textiles. The commonalities you're drawn to in various decor styles are the foundation of your own.

3.What is different? Identify the characteristics you love that are different in each of the home decor styles you've chosen. For instance, do you prefer the bolder colors prevalent in Bohemian style or softer tones more common to Cottage decor? Do the traditional furnishings of Cottage style excite you or do you lean more toward 70's era pieces in Bohemian spaces?

4. Write it all down! List your favorite features your chosen home decor styles share, and make another list of those things you love about each style that differentiate them from each other. This detailed list of your personal preferences will serve as a guide for making decor decisions that will result in the look and feel you really love!  

Blended decor styles are popping up like crazy because our personal sense of beauty is hard to define with a single label. This explains how descriptors like "boho-cottage, shabby-chic, and rustic-modern" were born. The key is consistent use throughout your home of the main design features you've decided are your favorites.  Defining your unique home decor style can bring joy and clarity into your life through daily surroundings that uplift and inspire! 

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