Daughter & Mom: Creative Team with Bohemian Spirit!

I’m seldom more at peace, more present, more myself than when I am manifesting something beautiful, an expression of something deep within. Creativity connects me to Life.

Both of my grandmothers were talented quilters. They never called themselves artists, but they did their work with love, creativity, and skill, and I suppose that’s where my fascination with textile arts began. For decades I’ve studied and practiced drawing, painting, sewing, quilting, and crocheting. In 2008 I was invited to have a juried booth at the John Campbell Folk School’s Fall Festival, selling free-style, hanging Art Quilts. It was a great experience! I’ve also sold pieces at local galleries.

All this leads to the European adventure. When my beautiful daughter, Sierra, graduated with a degree in Fine Art, she wanted to celebrate with me on a journey to Europe. Imagine my joy! We wanted to raise funds for the trip, so we dreamed up Watercolor Muse, a business founded on our mutual love for vibrant color and impressionistic and abstract styles. Sierra and I immediately felt that Watercolor Muse would be a fulfilling and enduring venture. In brainstorming marketable items we could each create, I was inspired to paint with dye-like, semi-transparent textile pigments on silky fabrics. I absolutely loved the results and have immersed myself since then in learning the craft of silk painting, while also developing my own techniques. Sierra shares my love of nature and passion for creative expression. Although we live far apart, I'm in the Appalachian mountains where Sierra grew up and she's now in NYC, we find connection in our enthusiasm for Watercolor Muse and the outlet it provides for our creations. I am so happy and grateful we are living art-ful lives!

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